MS Science with Mrs. McVay: Cagney and Annabel Groups

Homework Due Thursday, 2/22:  page 370 # 1-3.  Please write the question and the answer for full credit.


MS Science: Annabel and Cagney Groups

Chapter 9 Test this Tuesday, 2/13.  The study guides can be found on the homework blog post from Friday, 2/9.

We will begin a unit on Anatomy, beginning with the circulatory system in chapter 13.

There is no homework this week.

MS Science with Mrs. McVay: Annabel and Cagney Groups

We will be working on Cell Processes this week.  We will be completing our egg lab this week.  There will be a quiz this Thursday, February 1 on 9-1 for the Annabel Group and 9-1 and 9-2 for the Cagney Group.

Students will receive a study sheet on Monday for review.   These are blank and we will complete in class.

Chapter 9-1 Review

Chapter 9-2 Review