STEM Fair: Annabel, Cagney, Cookie, Lacey, Geuliette, Romeo Groups

STEM Fair Board

This is an example of a STEM Fair board for you to use when planning what you need to put on the board.  The only difference if you building something rather than a traditional science fair experiment is that you will not have an hypothesis, and your data will be a detailed description of your building experience.

Please make sure to take several pictures of the experiment or build.
In BOTH Cases, make sure there is an explanation of the science behind your project.  For example, if you are making slime, explain why slime goes from a liquid into slime—what is happening.  If you are making a motor, explain how a motor works.  If you have selected a more psychological test, explain the science behind this or any previous research that led you to explore this topic.

If there are any questions, please let me know so I can help you.


STEM Science Class: Romeo Group Week of October 16

We will continue working on our working heart models and observing and maintaining our hydroponics set up.

All students should be working on their STEM Fair projects.  Please send in a project board (trifold either small or large) with students name written on the board by Monday, October 30.  Students should also bring in all materials needed to assemble board by Monday, October 30.

History Reminder: Research Paper Due on Thursday, October 12th

All upper grade students have their National Park Service Project research papers due this Thursday, October 12th.  Students who completed their research outline may find it to be a helpful guide in writing their paper.

I can be reached

Annabel, Cagney, Romeo, and Lacey Groups: History Quiz on Tuesday, 10/10

Reminder: Students will have a quiz on Tuesday, October 10th.  

Lacey Group– Quiz is 20 questions comprised of 10 fill-in-the-blank (with a word bank) and 10 multiple choice.

Romeo, Annabel, and Cagney– Quiz is 20 multiple choice questions.

History All Groups: Quizlet Notes for Chapter 1

These online flashcards and games can be used for students to study information I am currently teaching in class.  I strongly encourage students to utilize this resource!!

I can be reached at

New History Quiz: Cookie, Lacey, and Romeo Groups **Updated**

Students will have a quiz on the Chapter 1 reading packet next week.  The dates are as follows.

Cookie Group: Wed. 10/4

Romeo and Lacey: Friday 10/5

The Quizlet will be completed and posted with the next couple of days.

I can be reached at