Annabel and Cagney Group: Quizlet Study Guide for History Quiz on 11/16

Annabel and Cagney students have a quiz on Thursday, 11/16. I encourage students to use the study guide below to use as a study resource.

This study guide applies to Annabel and Cagney groups only!!!


History Quiz on Thursday, November 2nd: Annabel, Cagney, and Cookie Groups

Students in these groups will have a quiz on Chapter 2 notes this Thursday, November 2nd.

Study guide for Annabel and Cagney groups:

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Annabel, Cagney, Romeo, and Lacey Groups: History Quiz on Tuesday, 10/10

Reminder: Students will have a quiz on Tuesday, October 10th.  

Lacey Group– Quiz is 20 questions comprised of 10 fill-in-the-blank (with a word bank) and 10 multiple choice.

Romeo, Annabel, and Cagney– Quiz is 20 multiple choice questions.

History Quiz Study Guide: Annabel and Cagney Groups

The Annabel and Cagney groups have a history quiz scheduled for Tuesday, October 10th.  The quiz contains 20 multiple choice questions. The link below will take you to the quiz study guide.

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Geuliette: History Quiz on 10/10

Students have a 20 question quiz NEXT Tuesday, 10/10.  

The quiz will cover the following material:

  1. Chapter One guided notes
  2. Yosemite National Park reading assignment completed last week for homework
  3. Yellowstone National Park assignment we will complete in class this week.

Chapter One Quizlet- .

I will not be giving homework this week so that students can devote time to study for next week’s quiz.

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Cookie Group: History Quiz on 10/4

Students have a 20 question quiz on Wednesday, 10/4.  Questions are from our class discussions and  notes, as well as the John Muir homework assignment completed last week.  Tuesday’s class will be devoted to quiz review.

Quizlet for Chap 1 Guided Notes:

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