National Park Service Fair This Thursday, December 7th

Students should be in their final steps of completing their boards for this Thursday’s National Park Service Fair.  Many students have been working hard in class to complete their display boards, and some have  been working from home.  Parents, please check in with your kids to see if their project is near completion.  Also, students need to be working on how they plan to present their project on the day of the fair.  We will work on this in-class a bit tomorrow, but I strongly recommend they get their thoughts together for Thursday.

Grading rubric for Thursday’s presentation: Updated rubric


National Parks Fair Project: Updated rubric for project due on 12/7

Just a reminder about the upcoming fair on December 7th.  Materials needed for completing display boards should be brought into class on Tuesday, 11/28.  They will be assembling their display boards in class on 12/1, 12/4-5, and will present them to me in class on 12/6. Also, attached is an updated project rubric for students to use as a guide.  I hope everyone has a great week off.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Updated Rubric link:  Updated rubric

Annabel and Cagney Groups: History Quiz on Thursday, 11/16

Students will have a 15 question quiz on their Chapter 3 notes.  The study guide for the quiz is linked below.

Annabel and Cagney Group Quiz Study Guide Only-

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Lacey, Geuliette, and Romeo Groups: History Quiz on Thursday, 11/16

Students will have a quiz on Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 of the National Park Service notes. The study guide for the quiz is linked below.

Romeo, Geuliette, and Lacey Groups only-

Annabel and Cagney Group: Quizlet Study Guide for History Quiz on 11/16

Annabel and Cagney students have a quiz on Thursday, 11/16. I encourage students to use the study guide below to use as a study resource.

This study guide applies to Annabel and Cagney groups only!!!

History Quiz on Thursday, November 2nd: Annabel, Cagney, and Cookie Groups

Students in these groups will have a quiz on Chapter 2 notes this Thursday, November 2nd.

Study guide for Annabel and Cagney groups:

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