Romeo, Lacey, Annabel, and Cagney Groups: History Quiz Tomorrow 10/10

Reminder there will be a quiz tomorrow covering Chapter 1 notes.

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History Reminder: Research Paper Due on Thursday, October 12th

All upper grade students have their National Park Service Project research papers due this Thursday, October 12th.  Students who completed their research outline may find it to be a helpful guide in writing their paper.

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Annabel, Cagney, Romeo, and Lacey Groups: History Quiz on Tuesday, 10/10

Reminder: Students will have a quiz on Tuesday, October 10th.  

Lacey Group– Quiz is 20 questions comprised of 10 fill-in-the-blank (with a word bank) and 10 multiple choice.

Romeo, Annabel, and Cagney– Quiz is 20 multiple choice questions.

History Quiz Study Guide: Annabel and Cagney Groups

The Annabel and Cagney groups have a history quiz scheduled for Tuesday, October 10th.  The quiz contains 20 multiple choice questions. The link below will take you to the quiz study guide.

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Geuliette: History Quiz on 10/10

Students have a 20 question quiz NEXT Tuesday, 10/10.  

The quiz will cover the following material:

  1. Chapter One guided notes
  2. Yosemite National Park reading assignment completed last week for homework
  3. Yellowstone National Park assignment we will complete in class this week.

Chapter One Quizlet- .

I will not be giving homework this week so that students can devote time to study for next week’s quiz.

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Cookie Group: History Quiz on 10/4

Students have a 20 question quiz on Wednesday, 10/4.  Questions are from our class discussions and  notes, as well as the John Muir homework assignment completed last week.  Tuesday’s class will be devoted to quiz review.

Quizlet for Chap 1 Guided Notes:

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History Week of 10/2- 10/5: Annabel and Cagney Groups

Annabel and Cagney Groups:

We’ll be completing our class discussion of the creation of both Yosemite and Yellowstone National Park.  There will be no homework this week to allow students plenty of time to study for next week’s quiz, on 10/10. My apologies for the typo on this week’s Google Docs.  The quiz is next week.  Classes on Thursday and Monday will be devoted to review to prepare students for Tuesday’s quiz. 

Quizlet for class notes:

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