American Government Homework Due Friday: Annabel, Lacey, and Cookie

The political typology quiz must be completed by tomorrow.  The site is  Provide a printed copy of the result, or a parental signature, to show completion of the quiz.


I can be reached at


STEM with Mrs. McVay: Cookie Group Week of October 31, 2016

Our solar stills have not been outside due to lack of sun and too much wind.  We hope to get them outside this week.

We will continue with our study of solar energy this week experimenting with solar cells.  To complete our solar study, we will be constructing a parabolic solar cooker.  This will start in a week or so.  Please send in a piece of foam core poster board by next week (11/7) and any empty chip bags you have (large please) for the reflective surfaces.

We have a field trip on Thursday, 11/10 to the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Science.  Permission slips went home this Friday.  Please return as soon as possible.

Below are some pictures of heart models.


For all of my students, math homework for the month has been posted in my classroom. Students were given time yesterday and today to copy the calendar.

Geuliettes and Laceys:  We have been working on pages 60 and 61 in class.  Whatever is not finished in class Wednesday, of page 61, 1-44, will be due Thursday.

Cookies:  Due Thursday: page 148, 2-20 evens only

Annabels:  Due Friday, page 128, 22-33 All problems

Upcoming Tests:

Annabels: Chapter 3 Test is Thursday, November 19th.

Cookies:  Chapter 4 Test is Wednesday, November 11th.