Chemistry with Mrs. McVay: Cookie and Lace Groups

Homework Due Thursday, 2/22:  page 228 # 6, page 233 # 1-5.  Please write the questions and the answers for full credit.

There will be a Chapter 7 Test Wednesday, 2/28.


History Homework Due on Tuesday, 2/20: Cookie and Lacey Group

To follow along with our class discussion on President Kennedy’s assassination and the conspiracy theories surrounding it, Cookie and Lacey students have a a document-based assignment determining if they believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, or was there actually a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy.  This assignment is due on Tuesday, 2/20.

Link to assignment (assigned pages 1-4):


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Annabel, Cagney, Cookie, Lacey, and Romeo Groups: History Test Update

Since so many students did poorly on last Thursday’s test, and there were several students who were absent when the test was given, I have decided that ALL students will be taking the test together on Tuesday, Feb. 21.  For the students who did well on the test the first time around, this is a great opportunity to see if they can improve their score. For the students who did poorly, consider this an opportunity to redeem yourself.

All students will take their test on this day.  

Annabel study guide:

Cagney study guide:

Lacey and Cookie study guide:

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Pop Culture Homework: Annabel, Cagney Cookie, Geuliette, Lacey, and Romeo Groups

For homework assigned on Feb. 2nd, students needed to choose a 1950’s rock n roll song, print out the lyrics, and write a brief paragraph about how the song exemplifies the music of that era (lyrics, vocals, guitar, etc…). Some artists discussed in class were Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Dion and the Belmonts, and Ray Charles. This is late and is due as soon as possible.


Homework assignment due this Thursday Feb. 15:
We ended the 1950’s by discussing the Beatnik generation.  For HOMEWORK, students are to take the class discussion and video clips watched in class and complete the following:
List 5 characteristics of beatniks
List five characteristics of beatnik poetry.  

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History Test This Thursday: Annabel, Cagney, Cookie, Geuliette, Lacey, and Romeo Groups

Just a reminder that students have a history test this Thursday.  Wednesday classes will be dedicated to review for the test.  Study guides were posted on Quizlet, and can be found by either accessing the Quizlet website, or by doing a search on the homework blog.