History Final Exam Study Guide: Cookie Group

Cookie group’s final exam will be in Tuesday, May 22nd.  Test consists of 100 multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions.

Cookie Group Study Guide: https://quizlet.com/_4vr2t9

I can be reached at jennifer.cornell05@gmail.com


Chemistry with Mrs. McVay: Cookie and Lacey Groups

There will be a quiz on the gas laws and ideal gas law this Thursday, May 10.  Quiz will be open note.

Homework:  Complete any worksheets that were not completed in class.  These are due day following the classwork.

Quizlet Notes: Cookie, Lacey, Romeo Groups

Attached is a Quizlet link with flashcards for our current unit.  I completed these flashcards for students to review because some of this material can be very confusing.  Students should take the time to review.

I can be reached at jennifer.cornell05@gmail.com

Osama Bin Laden and the men behind Al Qaeda:  https://quizlet.com/_4udgq5

History Quiz Tuesday, April 24: Lacey, Cookie, and Cagney Groups

Students have a quiz covering last’s week’s mini unit on Israel and Palestine.  The quiz will consist of 7 multiple choice and true/false questions, and one short answer question.

I can be reached at jennifer.cornell05@gmail.com