Chemistry: Cookie and Lacey Groups

Chapter 4/5 Test this Wednesday, 12/13.


Chemistry: Cookie and Lacey Groups Week of October 23, 2017

Monday is MOLE DAY, so we will be doing mole problems in a fun way to celebrate!

HW: Due Thursday, 10/26:  page 87 – 88:  # 17, 18, 24 (a, c, g), 28 (a, c, f, g).  Please make sure to show ALL Work.

Bring trifold board (label with name) and supplies by next Monday, 10/30 for STEM Fair.

Stem Fair is Tuesday, Nov 7.

Chemistry: Cookie and Lacey Groups Week of October 16

We will be working on Chapter 3 Moles problems on Monday and Tuesday, with a quiz on Wednesday, 10/18.  Quiz will be open notebook.

All students should be working on their STEM Fair projects.  Please send in a project board (trifold either small or large) with students name written on the board by Monday, October 30.  Students should also bring in all materials needed to assemble board by Monday, October 30.