Chemistry: Cookie and Lacey Groups Week of October 16

We will be working on Chapter 3 Moles problems on Monday and Tuesday, with a quiz on Wednesday, 10/18.  Quiz will be open notebook.

All students should be working on their STEM Fair projects.  Please send in a project board (trifold either small or large) with students name written on the board by Monday, October 30.  Students should also bring in all materials needed to assemble board by Monday, October 30.


Chemistry: Cookie and Lacey Groups Week of September 18, 2017

Chapter 1 Test will be Tuesday, 9/19.

We have already begun Chapter 2 on measurements and accuracy.  Please bring your calculators to class every day until further notice.

There will be a lab on Wednesday, 9/20.

Excel Class begins this Friday, 9/22.

Also, the STEM Fair topic and brief outline is due on Friday, 9/22.  These were given out the first week of school.  If you need an additional copy, I have included one here.

The next item due is next Friday, 9/29:  Completed procedure and hypothesis( if applicable)

STEM Fair BPS 2017-18 rubric

STEM Fair 2017-18


Chemistry with Mrs. McVay: Cookie and Lacey Groups

Chapter 1 Test is this coming Thursday, September 7.  We will review beginning tomorrow.

Several students did poorly on the periodic table quiz last week.  They will be able to retake the quiz this Friday.  Please encourage them to study.  The quiz is on the elements 1-20 only.  I have included a link to the periodic table song if it will help.

I will hand back the quizzes tomorrow.  All students need to have these signed and returned by Wednesday.  Thanks.

STEM Fair Topic and Outline due Friday, September 22.  


Chemistry with Mrs. McVay: Cookie and Lacey Groups Week of August 28, 2017

Homework:  Due Thursday, 8/31:  page 26 # 14,15,17,18, 20, 23, 24.  Please write questions and answers.

Quiz Friday, 9/1:  This quiz is on the first 20 elements of the periodic table.  You should know the atomic number, the chemical name and the chemical symbol.

Example:  Atomic number 6

Chemical Name : Carbon

Chemical Symbol :  C

Chapter 1 Test:  Thursday, September 7, 2017