MS Science: Cagney and Geuliette Final Review

We have begun our review for the Science Final today.  We completed a graphing activity.  We will continue with the review for the remainder of the week and on Monday.  The Science Final is scheduled for Wednesday May 24 at 9:00 am.

Red Final Review 2017  this is the powerpoint

MS Red Final Review 2017 this is a pdf version for those who do not have powerpoint

MS Red Final Review 2017 this is the fill in the blank study guide that accompanies the powerpoint.    It does not contain the cell diagram, the graphing activity and the short answer question about circuits.  Students will receive those in class.


Vocabulary Words
*State the part of speech for each word, write the definition of each word, and write a sentence using each word correctly. DO NOT start a sentence with the letters “A”, “T”, or “I”. This vocabulary h/w must be completed by Thursday, May 18th,  2017.  Please make sure your work is neat. tHIS IS THEIR LAST HOMEWORK. POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED IF ALL OF THE CRITERIA IS NOT MET.










American Government Final Exam Date and Study Guide

Students will be having their final exam in American Government on 5/23/17.  The exam will consist of 50 multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and matching questions.  The link for the study guide is below.  I strongly encourage students to begin studying now.

Cagney and Geuliette Study Guide:

American Legal System Vocab: Geuliette and Cagney Groups

Link to Quizlet notes for American Legal System chapter the Cagney and Geuliette groups.

I will be completing study guides for the upcoming final exam very soon.  Fifty percent of the test will cover the American legal system, and the rest of the test will be material we have learned in class during the last two marking periods.

I can be reached at

MS Science: Cagney and Geuliette Group

I am posting a copy of the powerpoint review and accompanying study guide for the chapter test next Wednesday, May 10.  The test will also include a cell diagram that has to be labeled and a matching section of organelles and their functions.

We will go over the review on Friday, May 5.

Chapter 16 Review  Chapter 16 Study Guide


MS Science: Cagney and Geuliette Groups

We will be working with microscopes again on Monday, May 1.

Thursday, May 4:  short quiz on organelles and their functions  Link to a quizlet review here:

Wednesday, May 10:  Chapter Test  All students will receive a study guide this Friday, May 5.