Biology Final Review: Geuliette and Romeo Groups

The Biology Final is Wednesday, May 23 at 9:00 am.  All students have received the study guide and review.  I am including copies of both for extra studying.  I am also including a pdf version of the powerpoint in case you do not have powerpoint.

Biology Final Review 2018  blank copy of the study guide for extra practice

Biology Final Review 2018  PowerPoint

Biology Final Review 2018  PDF


Biology with Mrs. McVay: Geuliette and Romeo Groups

There is a Chapter 12 Test this Tuesday, May 8.  The test is open note, but I have included a review powerpoint here as well.

PDF Version  Biology Chapter 12 Review

Powerpoint Version    Biology Chapter 12 Review

Biology with Mrs. McVay: Geuliette and Romeo Groups

There is no homework this week, however, the Genetic disorder project is due Monday, April 23.  You should have begin gathering information at this point.

We will have a project workday this Tuesday, 4/17.  You may bring laptops or tablets to class to work on project.  A copy of the rubric can be found here.   Genetic disorder project

A good place to start is


Biology with Mrs. McVay: Geuliette and Romeo Groups

There will be an open note quiz this Thursday, 4/12.  Please make sure you have your notebook in order.  The quiz will be on Chapter 12-1.

Genetic Disorder Project due Monday, April 23.  All students have their topics and a rubric.  I am including a link to a website that has a great deal of useful information here.   Genetic information website

Also, a second copy of the rubric.  Genetic disorder project