MS Science with Mrs. McVay: Cagney and Annabel Groups

I am uploading a copy of the powerpoint review, fill in the blank review that goes along with the powerpoint and a link to quizlet for the Chapter 13 Test this coming Wednesday, 3/14.   Hope this helps!  We will, of course, review in class on Monday.

PowerPoint   Chapter 13 Review 2018

Fill in the Blank:  Chapter 13 Review 2018

Chapter 13 Quizlet


MS Science with Mrs. McVay: Annabel and Cagney Groups

Homework Due Thursday, 3/8:  page 376 # 1, 2, 3, and 5.  Please write the questions and the answers for full credit.

There will be a Chapter 13 Test on Wednesday, March 14.  Students will receive a study guide on Monday, 3/12 in class.  I will have it available on the blog by Friday, March 9.

Annabel History Quiz: Tuesday, March 6th

Annabel group will have a 20 question multiple-choice quiz covering the legacy of John F. Kennedy and the milestones of the Space Race on Tuesday, March 6th.

This quiz is open note, but students may only use the following two sources:

  • JFK Graphic Organizer
  • Space Race Graphic Organizer

Please make sure these organizers have been completely filled out.

These organizers were completed in class as group activities.  I also encouraged the students, that despite it being an open note quiz, it is still wise to study the material.

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Annabel, Cagney, Cookie, Lacey, and Romeo Groups: History Test Update

Since so many students did poorly on last Thursday’s test, and there were several students who were absent when the test was given, I have decided that ALL students will be taking the test together on Tuesday, Feb. 21.  For the students who did well on the test the first time around, this is a great opportunity to see if they can improve their score. For the students who did poorly, consider this an opportunity to redeem yourself.

All students will take their test on this day.  

Annabel study guide:

Cagney study guide:

Lacey and Cookie study guide:

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Pop Culture Homework: Annabel, Cagney Cookie, Geuliette, Lacey, and Romeo Groups

For homework assigned on Feb. 2nd, students needed to choose a 1950’s rock n roll song, print out the lyrics, and write a brief paragraph about how the song exemplifies the music of that era (lyrics, vocals, guitar, etc…). Some artists discussed in class were Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Dion and the Belmonts, and Ray Charles. This is late and is due as soon as possible.


Homework assignment due this Thursday Feb. 15:
We ended the 1950’s by discussing the Beatnik generation.  For HOMEWORK, students are to take the class discussion and video clips watched in class and complete the following:
List 5 characteristics of beatniks
List five characteristics of beatnik poetry.  

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