Anatomy Final Review Annabel Group

We have started our review for the Anatomy Final.  Students received copies of the matching portion today.

Below are the powerpoint review and corresponding study guide and well as a pdf version of the review for those students that do not have powerpoint.  The Anatomy final is Wednesday, May 24 beginning at 9:00 am

Anatomy Final Review 2017 this is the powerpoint

Anatomy Final Review 2017 this is the pdf

Anatomy Final Study Guide 2017 this is a fill in the blank word document.


Anatomy: Annabel Group Week of January 23, 2017

We will continue our study of the nervous system this week.

Field Trip to the body exhibit at the South Florida Science Museum is Tuesday, 1/24.  Please return signed permission slip by tomorrow.  Please wear white polo shirts for field trip.

STEM Fair workday is this Wednesday, 1/25.