National Park Service Fair: All Groups

The sign up sheet for the National Park Service Fair will be put up tomorrow.  Students will need to sign up for a national park, or any additional site which is protected under the National Park Service, by the end of this week.  Students may choose a national park, or any other location that is listed on the National Park Service’s website, . Next Monday, Sept. 4th I will distribute paperwork giving detailed instructions, a grading rubric, as well as due dates for each portion of this project.

I can be reached at .


Anatomy: Annabel Group Week of September 26, 2016

We will have the first quiz on Chapter 7 this Thursday, 9/29.  Quiz will cover pages 164 – 169 in textbook.  Please encourage your child to review terminology a few minutes each day.  We will also be reviewing in class.

Tuesday there will be a bone lab.

Friday, we will have a Project workday for the Skeletal System Disorder project.  Please have student bring in information on their disorder.  skeletal-system-abnormality-project

STEM: Cookie and Lacey Groups Week of September 26, 2016

We will continue with our aquaponics set ups if they are viable this week (fingers crossed), but if they are working the tanks will need little maintenance so we will proceed with the next project in either case.

Tuesday, we will begin research for our next project:  build a working model of a heart. These do not have to look like a heart, but must function as a heart.  We will be doing a review of the circulatory system in class to assist with this project.   Please save any small water bottles you have at home and bring in.




Anatomy: Annabel Group Week of September 19, 2016

Homework Due Friday, 9/23:  # 1-15 in study guide packet

Skeletal System Abnormality Project will be handed out this week.  It is due Thursday, October 14.  A copy of the project rubric can be found here.  skeletal-system-abnormality-project  Students will have time in the upcoming weeks to work on this during class time.  I will announce workdays each week.