6th grade history

My apologies, the history test is scheduled for Thursday, 10/19. Not Wednesday 10/18.

On Thursday, October 19th, students will have their end of marking period history test. Click on link below to access the study guide on Quizlet.

Presidents 1-11 History Study Guide



SAT / ACT:  Network packet…  Problems 6-10, and 20-21.  Due Monday.

GEOMETRY:  Quiz Tuesday.  Conditionals, Converses, Inverses, and Contrapositives.  It will be open notebook.

ALGEBRA:  Page 71, 1-30, all problems. Due Monday,

M.S. MATH.  Page 35, 2-18 evens only and Page 39, 7-14 ALL problems.  Due Monday.
QUIZ on October 18th: Scientific Notation!

PRE-ALGEBRA:  COMING UP:  Page 76, 19-30 will be assigned Tuesday, and due Wednesday.


SAT /ACT MATH:  Due Thursday:  Create two networks, one that is traversable, and one that is not traversable.  NO “Plates of spaghetti”!!  Also, Problems 6-10 in the Network Packet.

GEOMETRY:  Coming Up:  Page 81, 25-45 will be assigned on Thursday, and due Monday.  Read Page 79 first!!  QUIZ ( Conditionals, Converses, Inverses, and Contrapositives),  coming up on Tuesday, October 17th.


ALGEBRA:  Due Tuesday:  Page 65, 41 – 50.  Also, be sure to read pages 66-70.

Coming up:  Page 71, 1 – 30, will be assigned Thursday, and due Monday.


PRE-ALGEBRA:  Due Tuesday: Page 67, 17 – 27. Be sure to copy the problems.

Coming up: Page 72, 29- 40, will be assigned Tuesday, and due Thursday.