UPDATE :  The following groups have had their upcoming test moved to THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14TH:

  1.  Geometry ( No Change….was, and is, scheduled for Thursday )
  2. Algebra…Chapter 4 Test is Thursday
  3. M.S. Math….Chapter 4 Test is Thursday
  4. Pre-Algebra….Chapter 4 Test is Thursday



National Park Service Fair This Thursday, December 7th

Students should be in their final steps of completing their boards for this Thursday’s National Park Service Fair.  Many students have been working hard in class to complete their display boards, and some have  been working from home.  Parents, please check in with your kids to see if their project is near completion.  Also, students need to be working on how they plan to present their project on the day of the fair.  We will work on this in-class a bit tomorrow, but I strongly recommend they get their thoughts together for Thursday.

Grading rubric for Thursday’s presentation: Updated rubric


Homework Tuesday, December 5th:

  1.  Algebra Students:  Worksheet 30 / 31
  2. M.S. Math Students:  Page 103, 1-10 …be sure to copy the problems and show your work.
  3. Pre-Algebra Students:  Page 183, 29 – 44

Coming Up….The following groups have a chapter test on Monday, December 11th:

  1.  M.S. Math
  2. Pre-Algebra
  3. Algebra 1



6th grade Language Arts

Attached is the group work packet we completed together today in class. Some students need extra time. The group packet is due tomorrow. Students DO NOT need to complete Shoppers Secret worksheet. They need to complete page 3 on their own.

Also attached is their essay worksheet about an obnoxious pet. Students will be assigned this essay tomorrow (hence I’m posting the essay early) and it will be due Friday.

U3L12 pet essay_adjectives

HFM adjective groupwork pkt