Chemistry with Mrs. McVay: Cookie and Lacey Groups

There will be no homework this week.  All work will be done in class.  If you are absent, please see me for make up work.


Biology with Mrs. McVay: Geuliette and Romeo Groups

There will be an Open Note Quiz this Wednesday, 3/14 on Chapter 11, Genetics and Punnett squares.  Students should make sure their notes are organized before Wednesday.

MS Science with Mrs. McVay: Cagney and Annabel Groups

I am uploading a copy of the powerpoint review, fill in the blank review that goes along with the powerpoint and a link to quizlet for the Chapter 13 Test this coming Wednesday, 3/14.   Hope this helps!  We will, of course, review in class on Monday.

PowerPoint   Chapter 13 Review 2018

Fill in the Blank:  Chapter 13 Review 2018

Chapter 13 Quizlet

MS Science with Mrs. McVay: Annabel and Cagney Groups

Homework Due Thursday, 3/8:  page 376 # 1, 2, 3, and 5.  Please write the questions and the answers for full credit.

There will be a Chapter 13 Test on Wednesday, March 14.  Students will receive a study guide on Monday, 3/12 in class.  I will have it available on the blog by Friday, March 9.