Biology with Mrs. McVay: Geuliette and Romeo Groups

Here is a copy of the powerpoint review and blank study guide for the test on Wednesday, 12/13.

Biology Chapter 4-5 test review

Biology Chapter 4-5 Review powerpoint


National Parks Fair Project: Updated rubric for project due on 12/7

Just a reminder about the upcoming fair on December 7th.  Materials needed for completing display boards should be brought into class on Tuesday, 11/28.  They will be assembling their display boards in class on 12/1, 12/4-5, and will present them to me in class on 12/6. Also, attached is an updated project rubric for students to use as a guide.  I hope everyone has a great week off.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

I can be reached at

Updated Rubric link:  Updated rubric

Lacey, Geuliette, and Romeo Groups: History Quiz on Thursday, 11/16

Students will have a quiz on Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 of the National Park Service notes. The study guide for the quiz is linked below.

Romeo, Geuliette, and Lacey Groups only-