History Homework Reminder for All Groups

Just a reminder that research outlines are due this Friday, 9/22.  I have attached a copy of the outline below just in case it’s needed.

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MS Science: Cagney and Annabel Groups Week of September 18, 2017

We are continuing our unit on Rocks and Minerals.  There will be a mineral identification lab on Tuesday.

Homework Due on Friday, 9/22:  page 40 # 2, 3, 4.  Please write questions and answers.

Also, the STEM Fair topic and brief outline is due on Friday, 9/22.  These were given out the first week of school.  If you need an additional copy, I have included one here.

The next item due is next Friday, 9/29:  Completed procedure and hypothesis( if applicable)

IMG_1723STEM Fair 2017-18

STEM Fair BPS 2017-18 rubric

Annabel, Cagney, and Geuliette Groups: New Assignment/Quiz Dates

Due to last week’s hurricane, students missed their history quiz.  Students will be making up the quiz on Tuesday, Sept. 19th. I have also extended the due date for students’ National Park Service Project outline.  This research outline will now be due on Friday, Sept. 22nd.

Also, students had a homework assignment due last Tuesday.  There are several students who have not turned this assignment in.  Assignment is in the link below.  Please make sure this is turned in as soon as possible.

I can be reached jennifer.cornell05@gmail.com.

Exploring the Park- Lower grades





History Quiz Reminder: ALL GROUPS

All groups will have a quiz this week on the terminology of the National Park Service.

Quiz Dates:

  • Cookie, Geuliette, and Romeo Groups- Wednesday, Sept. 6th
  • Annabel, Cagney, and Lacey Groups- Thursday, Sept. 7th

NPS Terminology Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_3mszxq

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MS Science with Mrs. McVay: Annabel and Cagney Groups

We are just completing our unit on graphing.  There will be no test for this unit.  We will begin Chapter 2 on Minerals this week.

HW:  Due Thursday 9/7:  Read pages 30 – 34 in text.  Answer questions # 1-4 on page 34 in textbook.  Students must write both question and answer in their notebooks.

STEM Fair Topic and Outlines are due Friday, 9/22.  Please start your research if you haven’t already done so.

History Homework Reminder: Annabel, Cagney, and Geuliette History Groups Only

On Monday, students were given an online research assignment pertaining to Joshua Tree National Park.  Just a reminder that the assignment is due on Wednesday, September 6th. Below is a link to the assignment if needed.

I can be reached at jennifer.cornell05@gmail.com .

Exploring the Park- Lower grades

History: All Groups

Attached is the link for Quizlet flashcards that cover our current unit, National Park Service Terminology.  Students have the option of studying the flashcards on a computer, or download the app on their smartphone.  There is also an option to print the terms to study on the go.

I can be reached at jennifer.cornell05@gmail.com

National Park Service Terminology:  https://quizlet.com/_3mszxq