National Parks Fair Project: Updated rubric for project due on 12/7

Just a reminder about the upcoming fair on December 7th.  Materials needed for completing display boards should be brought into class on Tuesday, 11/28.  They will be assembling their display boards in class on 12/1, 12/4-5, and will present them to me in class on 12/6. Also, attached is an updated project rubric for students to use as a guide.  I hope everyone has a great week off.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Updated Rubric link:  Updated rubric


Annabel and Cagney Groups: History Quiz on Thursday, 11/16

Students will have a 15 question quiz on their Chapter 3 notes.  The study guide for the quiz is linked below.

Annabel and Cagney Group Quiz Study Guide Only-

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Annabel and Cagney Group: Quizlet Study Guide for History Quiz on 11/16

Annabel and Cagney students have a quiz on Thursday, 11/16. I encourage students to use the study guide below to use as a study resource.

This study guide applies to Annabel and Cagney groups only!!!

History Quiz on Thursday, November 2nd: Annabel, Cagney, and Cookie Groups

Students in these groups will have a quiz on Chapter 2 notes this Thursday, November 2nd.

Study guide for Annabel and Cagney groups:

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History Notebooks Due Tomorrow, 10/19: All Groups

This message applies to Annabel, Cagney, Geuliette, Romeo, Lacey, and Cookie groups.

Students will turn in their notebooks tomorrow to be graded.  Each student was given a Table of Contents at the beginning of the year, and throughout the marking period I have dedicated time to properly maintaining their notebooks, and keeping them up to date.  I also took additional time yesterday and today to work with the younger groups to make sure they understood my expectations, had correctly written their table of contents, and the order their binder needs to be in.

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