Study Guide for History Test on 4/5: Lacey Group

Next Thursday’s test consists of 28 questions (fill-in-the-blank with a word bank, multiple choice, plus 5 reading comprehension questions from 4 short passages from assignments worked on in class).

Link to Lacey study guide:

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Study Guide for Cookie History Test: Thursday 4/5

Next Thursday’s history test will consist of 40 multiple choice questions. The link for the Cookie group’s Quizlet study guide is below.

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Cagney, Geuliette, and Romeo Groups: History Test on Thursday, 4/5

Before the start of Spring Break and Iowa testing, these groups completed a unit on the Vietnam War.  Students will have a 30 question multiple choice test next Thursday.  THE TEST WILL BE OPEN NOTE. Since the test is open note there will not be a prepared study guide.

***Even though the test is open note, it is still a good idea for students to review the material at home. ***

Tuesday and Wednesday of next week will be dedicated to review for this test.

Cookie and Lacey Group: History Test on Thursday, 4/5

Cookie and Lacey group have a history test next Thursday, April 5th. Test questions will mainly be from the Vietnam War unit, but students will also be responsible for a few basic questions on Kennedy’s legacy, and the Space Race. I will dedicate Tuesday and Wednesday of next week to review for the test.  There will be a Quizlet study guide posted on the homework blog this week.

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Romeo Group History Homework: Due by Thursday 3/15

Students are to analyze the lyrics of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young’s “Ohio”. I have include the link to the assignment so it may be printed off at home.

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Springfield CSNY

History Homework Due Thursday, 3/15: Cookie and Lacey Group

Cookie and Lacey students were given document-based questions about the 1970 Kent State Massacre, as well as a mini song analysis of “Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. This assignment is to be turned in by Thursday, March 15th.

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REVISED New York Times Article on the Kent State Shooting

Vietnam Anti-War 3-song analysis #3 (REM, Rolling Stones, Crosby-Stills-Nash-Young) -Students only need to complete the song “Ohio”