Mrs. Gorin Reading Class

A copy of the rubric for next week’s book report poster project is attached. A printed copy was given to students on Thursday. Each student must have a poster board and any printouts of the main characters they want to use in class on Monday. Printouts are not required. Students can opt to cut out pictures from magazines or draw the character. Title and background decor can also be hand created or additional art materials may be brought in (just for your child) by Monday.

This project MUST be created in class…it may NOT be constructed at home. Students can start working on their summaries if they wish, but not mandatory over the weekend. The summaries can be neatly handwritten on an index card OR printed at home.

Contact me with any questions

book_report_poster_Robin Hood


6th grade spelling

Spelling for the week of October 2nd.

Students must look up the definition for each word. Write words five times each and put them in alphabetical order, in addition to their weekly spelling packet which will be given on Monday. All work will be due on Thursday.

History All Groups: Quizlet Notes for Chapter 1

These online flashcards and games can be used for students to study information I am currently teaching in class.  I strongly encourage students to utilize this resource!!

I can be reached at

New History Quiz: Cookie, Lacey, and Romeo Groups **Updated**

Students will have a quiz on the Chapter 1 reading packet next week.  The dates are as follows.

Cookie Group: Wed. 10/4

Romeo and Lacey: Friday 10/5

The Quizlet will be completed and posted with the next couple of days.

I can be reached at



I will now be dedicating two weeks to an artist, so that I can slow down on the speed in which I deliver the material.  




Quizzes are over the 5 slides.  Students need to know the title of the art work and the date it was completed. 

Slides and packet will be posted by Sunday night

All Groups: History Homework Due Tomorrow (9/29)

A couple of things on the homework front:

  1. History homework is due tomorrow. Links to the assignments are below.
  2. For students in the Annabel, Cagney, and Geuliette groups, Friday is the last day to turn in their homework assignment entitled “Exploring Joshua Tree National Park.” If it is not turned by Friday, 9/29 students will take a zero for the assignment.
  3. There are a few students who have not turned in their outlines for the National Park Service project.  I take 10% off for each day the assignment is late, therefore it’s a good idea to turn this in as soon as possible.

HistoryYosemite– Annabel and Cagney homework due 2/28

John Muir worksheet – Lacey and Cookie due 2/28

HistoryYosemite – Romeo and Geuliette due 2/28