English – Geuliette Group

Vocabulary Words
Geuliette Group
Lesson 17 – week of 3/13/17
*State the part of speech for each word, write the definition of each word, and write a sentence using each word correctly. DO NOT start a sentence with the letters “A”, “T”, or “I”. This vocabulary h/w must be completed in your vocabulary notebook and written in blue ink. Please make sure your work is neat. Points will be deducted if all of the criteria is not met.
1. Pertinent

2. Pewter

3. Philanthropist

4. Picturesque

5. Pollute

6. Posterity

7. Prearrange

8. Precocious

9. Premeditated

10. Preposterous

*H/W is due Thursday, March 16th. A test will also be given Thursday.

MS Science: Cagney and Geuliette Groups Week of March 13, 2017

We will begin Chapter 15 on the Solar System.  In addition, students will be assigned a project to prepare a travel brochure for a destination in our Solar System.  This project will be due April 11.  Students will receive a copy of the project along with their destination on Monday, 3/13.  I am including a copy of the project here.  Let your imaginations run wild!