Cagney Group

Due Wednesday:  Page 165, 1-23
Due Thursday:  Page 163, 1-12*
Due Monday:  Page 167, 1-12*

* I realize that I am assigning pages out of order

Annabel and Cookie Groups

Due Thursday:  Page 239, Q1 – Q10
Due Monday:  Pages 239 – 240, 12 – 20 evens only

Geuliette Group:

Due Wednesday:  Slope and Linear Equation Worksheet #1
Due Monday:  Slope and Linear Equation Worksheet #2



The vocabulary list for this week will be distributed tomorrow  Tuesday, February 28th.  Students need to write the definition of each word. Also, they need to write a sentence including each vocabulary word.   Homework due March 2nd.

  1. hassock
  2. delicate
  3. tantrum
  4. rigid
  5. façade
  6. ample
  7. confidential

English -Geuliette Group

Vocabulary Words

Geuliette Group

Lesson 16 – week of 2/27/17

*State the part of speech for each word, write the definition of each word, and write a sentence using each word correctly.   DO NOT start a sentence with the letters “A”, “T”, or “I”.  This vocabulary h/w must be completed in your vocabulary notebook and written in blue ink.  Please make sure your work is neat.  Points will be deducted if all of the criteria is not met.

  1. misnomer
  2. multicolored
  3. myriad
  4. nativity
  5. nauseate
  6. neutral
  7. nourish
  8. nuclear
  9. obligation


*H/W is due Thursday, March 2nd.  A test will also be given Thursday.