STEM: Lacey Group Midterm Study Guide

All students received a review guide that details topics that will be on the midterm.   The midterm exam is an essay exam.   Students will be allowed to use their notebooks during the exam to answer questions.


Topics will include:

Discuss the self-sustaining ecosystem project including problems you encountered and solutions.

Redesign your ecosystem to address problems.

Discuss the science behind aquaponics, what measurements were taken, etc.

Discuss problems with the aquaponics system.

Challenges making the heart model.

Trace blood flow through the heart on a diagram.

How a wind turbine works.

What was the best blade design-why?

How does a solar panel work?  Which type of light produces most energy.

How you would redesign your bridge to increase load capacity.


Research a new topic:  Design a rollercoaster using pipe insulation and a marble.  The design must include at least one loop.  Identify areas of acceleration, deceleration, maximum and minimum g-forces.


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