6th grade Science

We will have a science test next Wednesday, February 8th.

The test will cover drug awareness lesson and hygiene.

A study guide will be sent home this Friday.


6th grade Math

Math test next Wednesday, February 8th.

The test will cover the following sections in your child’s math book:

6-2 Add & Subtracting fractions with UNLIKE denominators

6-5 Adding mixed numbers with UNLIKE denominators

6-6 Subtracting mixed numbers with UNLIKE denominators

In addition to solving equations, students need to remember to write ALL ANSWERS in lowest terms!! Half credit will be deducted if they forget to reduce!!

Students should use their previously completed assignments and math book to study. We will review for the test on Monday and Tuesday.



Today in class we discussed an upcoming project that will take place IN CLASS during the month of March.  At this times, students should begin searching for a book that meets the following conditions:

  1. Is a Biography of a person currently living
  2. Is a minimum of 200 pages in length
  3. For the month of March, students must have the book IN CLASS every Tuesday
  4. Students will get a rubric for the project, but please take note of the final due date: THURSDAY, APRIL 6, 2017

So….get prepared!  Take notice!  Discuss people that you’d like to learn more about around your dining room table.  Your title must be submitted to me no later than March 1, 2017!!