6th grade reading

We completed our reading of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle. The due date for poster board, pictures and summaries has been extended to Monday, October 10th.

As posted on September 13th, students should look through magazines, the internet, or draw images of their favorite 5 chapters, including the MAIN CHARACTERS from Robin Hood, at home. Once they’ve gathered their pictures, they need to bring them to class with their poster board.

If they want to type their 2 summaries (one paragraph on the setting and one paragraph personal review), this will also need to be completed at home. If they want to handwrite their summary, it can be completed in class.



Due to a computer, and printer problem, I administered the vocabulary test orally yesterday.  Some of the kids did well, and others did not. I am retesting the entire class Thursday, September 29th.  I will take the highest score of the two.

No new vocabulary was assigned this week, due to me moving the vocabulary test to Monday.

American Government: Geuliette Group

Overall students did very poorly on Friday’s chapter test.  I had initially curved the exam grades, but after discussing the results with the students I found out that most of the studied for the exam. In the spirit of being fair,  I am allowing the students an opportunity to retake this exam on Wednesday.  Please encourage them to study!!! I have created online flashcards on Quizlet to help them study for the exam.  Please encourage your child to utilize this resource, because Quizlet is an amazing learning tool.  The link is below.


I can be reached at jennifer.cornell05@gmail.com.