Mrs. Navarro’s Class

H/W packets went home on Friday.  These packet are always due the following Friday.

*Please do not allow your child to complete more than one page per day; unless they are in h/w club.  I want your child to go home and BE A KID 🙂


Mrs. Navarro – Spelling

Spelling Words *TEST FRIDAY 9/2/16

Unit 1 – Lesson 2

*Words with ‘Long a’

  1. awake
  2. chase
  3. mistake
  4. trade
  5. waste
  6. taste
  7. plane
  8. space
  9. state












English – Geuliette Group

Vocabulary Words – Geuliette Group

Lesson 1- week of 8/29/16

*State the part of speech for each word, write the definition of each word, and write a sentence using each word correctly.  This vocabulary h/w must be completed in your vocabulary notebook and written in blue ink.  A grammar worksheet went home Tuesday.  That is also due on Thursday.  Please make sure your work is neat.  Points will be deducted if all of the criteria is not met.

*H/W is due Thursday, September 1st.  A test will always be given on Thursdays that includes vocabulary and grammar usage.

  1. abash
  1. abundant
  1. activate
  1. adept
  1. adjacent
  1. advent
  1. affliction
  1. allay
  1. alliance
  2. amity


American Government Quiz this Friday: Geuliette, Lacey, Annabel, and Cookie

Reminder there is a quiz this Friday. The quiz will cover features of a state, as well as the Enlightenment Era. It will consist of 10 questions that will be a combination of multiple choice and true/false.

Please email at with any questions.

American Government Quiz 9-2-16: Cagney Group

Hi there.  Just a reminder that we will have a quiz this Friday.  The content on the quiz will be the purposes of government and features of a state.  Students should study from their Sovereign State reading guide as well as the Sovereign State guided notes. The quiz will be 10 questions consisting of multiple choice and true/false.

Please email with

6th grade Spelling words

Spelling words for week of Aug. 29-Sept. 2

trace, mayor, parade, escape, invade, complain, misplace, stain, raincoat, remain, safety, neighborhood, entertain, hesitate, explain, agent, congratulate, straight, weighted, disobey 

Spelling packets were handed out today. Packets will be due every Wednesday. Spelling essays will be passed out every Tuesday and due every Thursday. Spelling essays must be two indented 5 sentence paragraphs using at least 5 spelling words. Essays should be creative and maintain one topic. Each spelling word should be circled in the essay.

Spelling quiz will be every Friday morning. Quiz will cover spelling and the definition of each word. Students will receive definition study guides every Wednesday.