MS Science: Geuliette Group Week of April 25, 2016

There will be a quiz on the heart diagram this Tuesday, 4/26.  All students have had a copy for at least a week and we have been practicing in class.  They do not have to identify the valves.  A copy of this diagram may be found here.   heart diagram

Due Friday, 4/29:  Each student will be assigned a disease to research on Monday, 4/25.

This can be handwritten or typed. You will read the information to the class, so make sure it is neat.
ASSIGNED ILLNESS:__________________________________________
Include the following information:
NAME: Name of the illness, including a brief description.
CAUSE OF THE DISORDER: Is the illness caused by a bacteria or a virus?
FACTS ABOUT THE DISEASE: How often does it occur in the population? How is it transmitted?
SYMPTOMS: What are the symptoms? List a minimum of 4.
TESTING AND SCREENING: How is this illness diagnosed?
TREATMENT/PREVENTION: What types of treatments are available? If it is viral, is there a vaccine available? Is the vaccine effective? Is there anything a person can do to prevent the disease.
Any Other Interesting Facts

Click here if you would like a copy to print.

Diseases in History Homework


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