English: 7th-12th Grades


All groups have been given an extra week to complete their poster projects.  The new due date is Tuesday May 3rd. I have explained the project to all of the groups several times, but I would like to reiterate a few things about what is expected of this project:

**There should be little, to no writing on their poster boards

**Their posters should be covered in pictures (printed, drawn, cut-out, etc.) that will help them with their presentations

**85% of their grade will be based on their presentation, so they need to practice at home!

I will help them throughout their presentation, but I am expecting the students to feel comfortable explaining the main characters, the conflict in the story, and the conflict resolution.  The more creative the project, the better!!

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at Amarieshipman@aol.com


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