Flashback Paper For Lacey Group and Geulitte Group

The outline for the 1980’s project is due Monday. Please refer to the rubric as follow:

Flashdance…..Uh, I Mean, Flashback!!

The 1980’s are calling!


  • __________        Discuss the 1980’s with your family members. Come up with a topic to write about. Reference the example I presented in class, regarding the difference in which we listen to, and purchase music today, versus, how it was accessed and changed from 1980 on.  Recall, that we discussed the end of the 8-track, cassettes, and record albums, CD’s, to musical downloads.  Your parent’s signature indicates that the discussion occurred, and is worth 15 points .
  • X ____________________________________


  • __________        The Outline!  I will demonstrate outline writing in class.  You must provide a one page, hand written outline of your topic.  The outline should have a minimum of three “ capital letters” with a minimum of two “ numbers” under each.  Your outline is due on Monday, April 18, 2016, and is worth 25 points.


  • __________ The Paper!  Write a two page paper about your topic.  Spelling, correct grammar usage, and punctuation count!  Your paper should be typed, in size 12, Times New Roman font, with one inch margins.  Proofread!  Utilize spell check!  You must print your paper at home!  Your paper is due on Thursday, April 21, 2016.  Your paper is worth 45 points.


  • ___________ The Presentation!  You will read your paper in front of the class.  Practice!  Be able to stand up, and explain what you’ve written, without having to read from your paper verbatim. Presentations will begin on Monday, April 28, 2016.  We may not have enough class time for everyone to present on Monday, but every student must be READY to do so! Your presentation is worth 15 points.

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