Math with Mrs. McVay: Romeo Group Week of February 1, 2016

We will continue working with Chapter 3 topics.  There will be a quiz this Wednesday, 2/3 on Overtime Wage Calculations and calculating weekly pay with tips.  Students will receive a study guide on Monday.  Practice!



All Groups 7-12: Science Fair 2016! Mr. B and Mrs. McVay

Science Fair completed projects/boards are due by April 5.  Fair date is April 7, 2016.  In order to reduce the last minute panic, we have set up a couple of intermediate steps.  Completion of these steps count toward final project grade.

Topics for Science Fair were due before Winter Break.  A few students have yet to submit project ideas.  A copy of the topic sheet is attached here.  Science Fair BPS 2016

Science Fair Rough Draft of Step by Step Procedure is Due to either Mrs. McVay or Mr. B NO LATER THAN February 11.  Since all of the data collection will be done at home, this is an important step.  All procedures need to be reviewed and approved before the data collection begins.  Otherwise, you risk having to repeat some of your project.