English: Annabel, Cagney, Cookie, Romeo, Geuliette, Lacey

This week we are focusing on the six pillars of Character Appreciation week.  Every morning we will be discussing a different pillar and then writing about it during English class.  Depending on the group, they have to write either 2 or 3 paragraphs, so please check to see what your child’s notebook states.

Monday:  Write about what it means to be Trustworthy.  You can give examples, but be very detailed!  No stories!

Tuesday:  Write about what Respect means.  Once again, be detailed and do not write a story.

***Wednesday, Thursday and Friday topics will be posted on Wednesday***

The students will be writing their short essays in class each day, but if they do not finish their work, then it becomes homework.  They must work on their essays in class or they will not receive full credit.  If the student decides to type their work up when they get home, then I am completely fine with that.  Typing should be not a reason for the student to use class time as a social hour though.  Also, if there is an issue with printing the work out, I still expect a handwritten copy of the essay, otherwise they will not get credit.

If you have any questions about these assignments, please e-mail me at Amarieshipman@aol.com


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