English: Romeo, Geuliette and Lacey Groups

Students in these groups received two worksheets today (pg. 171 and 173). They worked on these for the entire class period. If they did not finish, then they must have it completed by Monday. 

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at Amarieshipman@aol.com


English : ALL GROUPS

All students received a pop quiz today on the Parts of Speech.  Many students did very well!  For those who struggled, I am offering the option to receive points back on the ones they missed.  For every question they got wrong, they need to write the word and its definition three times.  If they do this, I will give them half the credit back for each question they missed.  (Each question was worth 5 points; a total of 40 points.  They can receive 2.5 points back if they write each word and its definition three times.)

They must have this completed by tomorrow otherwise they forfeit the opportunity to receive any points back.

Book Report Reminder:

The date for the upcoming book report was changed to November 10th!!!  Genre is a Classic.

English: Cagney, Romeo, Cookie, Lacey, and Geuliette groups 

All students in these groups have a reading comprehension packet that is due tomorrow. If they were here on Friday, then they had a head start on the packet. We worked on the packet in class today so many students did finish, but if they did not, then it must be completed for homework! This packet will be the first grade they receive for the second quarter. 


LACEY AND GUELIETTE GROUPS:  We are in the process of reviewing for the test this Thursday. We did some problems from page 59, 1-37.  What was not finished during class today, is homework, due tomorrow, ( Tuesday, Oct. 27th)

COOKIE GROUP:  Due Wednesday, Pages 134 – 135, problems 22 – 40, evens only.

ANNABEL GROUP:  TEST THURSDAY!!  Students should study the theorems from chapter 2, and practice proof writing.