English: Annabel, Cagney, Cookie, Geuliette, Lacey, and Romeo Groups

All students have a vocabulary quiz on Friday October 2.

**Annabel’s received their words on Monday of this week.  Their homework must be completed by the start of class on Thursday October 1st.  I will check their work and hand it right back to them so they can study for their quiz.***

Every group, except for the Annabel group, must have their reading packets completed by Friday.  Five of the six stories have a short writing assignment at the end that, if the students choose to complete (by writing 5 sentences), they can earn 3 points extra credit towards each story. I thoroughly explained this to each class on Monday, so although this is optional, I encouraged all of them take advantage of this rare extra credit opportunity.


6th grade Science

As previously posted yesterday, students will be having a science test on Thursday. We reviewed yesterday and today. Students were given examples of EVERY question on the test. They also were told EXACTLY what to study and where to find the information. Students were also given notes to copy in order to assist them with studying. Studying is encouraged at home, however, they will be given one more class day tomorrow to study the following:

Definitions of: sodium, empty calories and nutrition

The My Plate Diagram, all 5 food groups and examples of each group

What U.S.D.A stands for

Simple vs. Complex carbohydrates and examples

Unsaturated vs. Saturated fats and examples

Food energy chain, all categories and examples of each group


COOKIES:  Page 77, 2-24, just the even numbered problems, due Wednesday, Sept. 30th. Also, our first test is Thursday, Oct. 1st.  Bring in ten box tops before the test date, and earn the “cheat sheet”

GEULIETTE AND LACEY GROUPS:  Due Wednesday, Sept. 30th, page 15, 1-30.  Be sure to copy the problem from the book and circle your answers!

ANNABELS:  Our first Geometry test is coming up on October 6th.  Start saving those box tops….10=cheat sheet!!