English-Lacey Group and Romeo Group

The students in these groups received three pages of work to do and had the entire class period to get started.  They need to have the worksheets finished for tomorrow (we will go over them after they return from the field trip). Also, if any of the students in these groups are not finished with their journal entry from yesterday, they need to have this finished tomorrow as well.  For the journal entry, they need to write two paragraphs (5 sentences in each paragraph) about what they did over the weekend.  The purpose of these journal entries are for the students to work on using transition words in their writing, especially when they are referring to a sequence of events.

English-Geuliette Group

The Geuliette’s have a poetry project due on March 6th!!

The students were given a poet to research and present information on. The list is below:

Student:                                                     Poet Name

Nathan                                                        Sara Teasdale

Justin                                                          Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kevin                                                          Conrad Aiken

Sara                                                           Edgar Allan Poe

Conor                                                        Louisa May Alcott

Colton                                                        Lewis Carroll

Hunter                                                       William Shakespeare

Kyle                                                            Phillis Wheatley

Jacob                                                         Sir Walter Raleigh

The students need to have a poster board (not a tri-fold) with the following 5 items (each worth 20 points):

1. A large picture of the poet (remember: this is a visual aid!)

2. A typed biography (2-3 paragraphs including all basic information about the poet)

3. 2-3 paragraphs (typed) about the poet’s influences and an explanation of the poet’s first piece (even if the first piece was not a poem!)

4. One interesting fact about the poet (the more interesting and bizarre, the better)

5. An explanation of what type of poetry the poet typically wrote (i.e. ode, elegy, lyric, narrative, sonnet, etc.)

Students may not copy straight from the internet!  They need to phrase statements in their own words, or they will receive a 0 for that part of the project!

**The students may bring in materials on Monday March 2nd to work on their projects.  They can bring in laptops or ipads on this day as well, in order to do research.**

This project is worth a total of 100 points!