Geography : Romeos, Laceys & Cookies

South America Map Quiz.
Wednesday February 4th


Spanish: Lacey and Romeo – Lesson 10 vocabulary list

Vocabulario de la lección 10

grande-big, enojado-angry, valiente-brave, malo-bad, amable-kind, gordo-fat, pobre-poor, amistoso-friendly, inteligente-smart, cómico-funny, fuerte-strong, bueno-good, guapo-handsome, corto (length)- short, pequeño-small, alto-tall, largo-long, delgado-thin, bonito-pretty, feo-ugly, rico-rich, bajo-short (height), maravilloso-wonderful.

English-Geuliette Group

The students were assigned a homework project yesterday (Wednesday) and it is due tomorrow (Friday).  We are working on lyric poetry in class right now, so the students need to find 5 different songs they enjoy and take 3-5 lines from each of those songs.  They are to arrange those lines to create a new, somewhat original poem.  Each line should have a number next to it, with a key at the bottom of their paper (typed or written) indicating which line came from which song. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at

English-Annabel Group

Students in this group have been asked to obtain a copy of the play As You Like It by William Shakespeare by Monday.  If they have access to a laptop or Ipad and would like to use one of these devices during class, that is completely fine!  If any one has an issue with obtaining a copy, or bringing in an electronic device, please let me know and we can make other arrangements!  Let me know if you have any quesitons,