English Homework for Cagney and Romeo


Assignment:  Using only what you know about animal behavior, write a series of metaphors and similes that describe common human actions.  ex: humans caught in the middle of something bad are like deer in headlights.  **Create at least 7 total**  Note:  Make sure you try to write metaphors and similes, rather than just writing 7 metaphors or 7 similes. This needs to be in their composition notebook and is due tomorrow. 


The students in this group received two worksheets today.  One of them may require the use of a dictionary, and the other is about sequencing events.  They had plenty of time to complete these worksheets, but they need to make sure their answers are correct, with correct spelling of all words. This is due tomorrow. 

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at Amarieshipman@aol.com


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