COOKIE GROUP:  (SAT/ACT MATH): Due Thursday, Page 471, 1-12.


Homework 4/20-4/27

Dear Parents,

   Hello! This is your child’s spelling and vocabulary list! Students will be tested on Friday for both spelling and vocabulary. They will be working on the vocabulary in class but I have attached the list so they can practice at home if they need to! The should bring their definitions home to study for the test as well. For the spelling homework, students will write each word 5 times. They also need to use each word in a sentence. The sentence may NOT start with the letters “a”, “I”, or “t”. The homework is due first thing Friday morning! For the test, students will need to know how to correctly spell each word and use it correctly in a sentence. They will also need to match each vocabulary word with the definition.

The biome project will be due on Monday, May 14th. Please be sure to read the instructions very carefully as they are extremely specific. Students will be presenting their project in science for the week of 5/14-5/18. The grading rubric will also be attached. I wrote your child’s biome on the top of this page. I will also put it in your child’s google doc!  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me!!! Have a great week.


Miss. Goodwin




  1. cycling
  2. professional
  3. Olympics
  4. skating
  5. swimming
  6. track
  7. basketball
  8. champion
  9. golf
  10. tennis
  11. soccer
  12. skin diving
  13. volleyball
  14. baseball
  15. hockey
  16. football
  17. skiing
  18. bowling
  19. amateur
  20. competition




  1. Absurd– ridiculous
  2. Abuse- cruel or inhumane treatment
  3. Access- a way of entering or leaving
  4. Accomplish- to do something by making an effort; to complete successfully
  5. Achievement– something done that takes skill or effort
  6. aggressive-ready to attack or start fights; acting in a hostile way
  7. Alternate- go back and forth
  8. Altitude– height above sea level
  9. Antagonist– An opponent; one who opposes or competes
  10. Antonym– a word that means the opposite of another word
  11. Anxious– worried; concerned
  12. Apparent– obvious
  13. Approximate– be close or similar
  14.     Astound– to surprise; to amaze
  15.     Bland– mild; tasteless; dull

MS Science with Mrs. McVay: Annabel and Cagney Groups

Test on the digestive system is Tuesday, 4/24.  All students received a study guide on Thursday, and we will review tomorrow as well.

Copy of the study guide Digestive System Test Review

Copy of the fill in the blank worksheet and diagram  Digestive System Test Review