History Homework Due Tomorrow, 1/17: Cagney, Cookie, Geuliette, Lacey, and Romeo Groups

Students watched a video in class today, and were given an assignment with questions pertaining to the video and our class discussion. This is a graded assignment that is due tomorrow.  A copy of the assignment is attached below.

Brown Eyes_Blue Eyes Experiment




Burke English – Lacey, Romeo, Geuliette, Annabel, Cagney

  • Books – Students are required to have an independent reading book in class on Tuesday. These books should be brought to class every day. We will be reading for the first ten minutes of each class and then the students will write a book response. I also expect them to read a min of 30 min/night 3 times a week. Students who do not bring their books to class will be asked to sit in the library during our reading period. Reader response journals can not be made up, so failure to bring a book to class will result in a zero for that day’s journal response.
  • Tardiness – This has become an increasing problem with certain students on a daily basis. Being tardy to class disrupts the learning experience for the rest of the class. For the rest of the year, if a student is late to class and they do not have a note from another teacher, they will receive an after-school detention. I will allow two unexcused tardies per quarter before a detention is issued.
  • Behavior – Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. When students repeatedly goof off, talk above me, and fail to listen to instructions, not only are they missing out on their opportunity to learn, but they are also interfering with all of the other students’ right to quality instruction without interruption. If I have to ask your son/daughter to leave my classroom, it will result in an email or phone call home as well as an after-school detention. After school detentions come with a $20 fee.

If you have any questions or comments about any of the above, please do not hesitate to call or email me at your convenience.

-Mrs. Burke